First trailer for Bobby Roe's The Houses October Built

Adding to the already stacked month of October is a new horror film from RLJ Entertainment that looks to make you think twice before you walk into a haunted house this Halloween. THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT will be making its way to limited theaters as well as VOD next month on October 10th and we just scored the film’s very first trailer. The idea behind THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT is a simple yet brilliant one that plays on the fears of going through a haunted house attraction and not knowing who's behind the masks. It's certainly a really cool concept that could be just the thing that the Halloween movie season needs. Watch the trailer below!

The synopsis:

Beneath the fake blood and cheap masks of countless haunted house attractions across the country, there are whispers of truly terrifying alternatives. Looking to find an authentic, blood-curdling good fright for Halloween, five friends set off on a road trip in an RV to track down these underground Haunts. Just when their search seems to reach a dead end, strange and disturbing things start happening and it becomes clear that the Haunt has come to them…

The film is produced by Steven Schneider (INSIDIOUS, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY) and Zack Andrews. Directed by Bobby Roe, it stars Brandy Schaefer, Zack Andrews, Bobby Roe, Mikey Roe and Jeff Larson.

Extra Tidbit: What's the scariest haunted house you've ever been to?



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