Gal Gadot might join Bradley Cooper in supernatural thriller Deeper

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman might be going on an adventure with Rocket Raccoon. Sort of. The supernatural thriller DEEPER already has voice-of-Rocket Bradley Cooper attached to star in it, and now Wonder Woman herself Gal Gadot is in early talks to join him in the film.

DEEPER was the subject of a bidding war when we first heard about it back in March of 2016. The winning bid ended up coming from MGM, where the project is now set up and heading toward production with WHITE GOD director Kornel Mundruczo at the helm.

Max Landis, son of John Landis, has been getting a lot of attention around here lately, since he executive produces the Channel Zero series, plans to write and direct a remake of his father's film AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF TO LONDON, pitched a found footage GREMLINS sequel to Joe Dante, and the crime/fantasy movie he wrote, BRIGHT, is set to be released on Netflix in December. Landis also wrote the screenplay for DEEPER, which is about 

a disgraced astronaut who embarks on a mission to reach the bottom of a newly-discovered oceanic trench, which some speculate may be the lowest point on Earth. Facing great danger, he quickly finds himself in a physical and psychological fight against mysterious forces.

Landis is producing the film with Phantom Four's David S. Goyer and Kevin Turen and Addictive Pictures' Russell Ackerman and John Schoenfelder.

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