Gillian Anderson speaks out on X-Files all-male writer's room

Who wrote the rule that sci-fi is a boy's game? I don't know but it seems like the upcoming season of THE X-FILES is playing by some kind of unwritten rule-of-thumb and star Gillian Anderson is none too happy about it.

It was earlier this week you may remember we shared the news that the upcoming eleventh season of THE X-FILES had assembled their writer's room, which includes X-Files creator Chris Carter, series regulars James Wong, Glen Morgan and Darin Morgan, along with Carter's personal assistant Brad Follmer, season 9 writers assistant Gabe Rotter, and season 10 writers assistant Benjamin Van Allen.

That's seven writers. All male. 

Series star Gillian Anderson isn't too happy about this but seems to be taking it in stride as she took to Twitter to voice her opinion on the matter. Her is her tweet:

As you can see the batting average for men vs women in the directing department is pretty staggering. As far as the stats for the writer's room over the years, I do not have those handy so I cannot comment.

What do you think of Carter's all-male writer's room choice? Is it his to make since it is his series? What do you make of Gillian Anderson's comments? Do you think it's her responsibility with her position of power to stand up for female sci-fi writers and/or directors?

This can be a delicate subject but let's handle it like adults, guys, and let us know what you truly think of this news on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

THE X-FILES season 11 will premiere on Fox in 2018.

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