Green Room director Jeremy Saulnier adapting survival thriller Hold the Dark


Jeremy Saulnier, the director of such diverese titles as MURDER PARTY, BLUE RUIN and the much-buzzed about GREEN ROOM (which just premiered at TIFF; pictured above) will adapt the acclaimed survival tale HOLD THE DARK, according to a press release. The project will reunite Saulnier with production company A24, which is distributing GREEN ROOM.

Written by William Giraldi, HOLD THE DARK has the following synopsis:

When a child is taken from his village by a pack of wolves, an expert hunter is summoned to track and destroy them.  His mission leads him down an increasingly dark and shocking path as he confronts the cruelty of nature and his own failures as a man.  With the child’s grief-crazed father closing in behind him and a fierce, unforgiving landscape ahead, the question becomes, who is really being hunted?  

Saulnier's partner Macon Blair (the star of BLUE RUIN) will pen the screenplay for HOLD THE DARK. Eva Maria Daniels of VisionChaos Productions and Russell Ackerman and John Schoenfelder of Addictive Pictures will produce alongside A24.


Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of Saulnier's work?



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