Guillermo Del Toro's Justice League Dark characters revealed?

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It's been quite some time since we heard any word on Guillermo Del Toro's planned film adaptation of JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK (aka DARK UNIVERSE), with our last report on the film coming way back in July of last year when the director shared a small update. Now El Mayimbe from Latino Review has taken to Twitter to share a scoop on which characters we can expect to see when (or if) Del Toro finds time in his ultra-busy schedule to fit this project in.

El Mayimbe revealed that the characters John Constantine, Zatanna, Brand/Deadman and Jason Blood will be part of JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, which is kind of a horror genre version of The Justice League. Of course, John Constantine already has an NBC show (which hasn't been issued a renewal yet) and was played by Keanu Reeves in 2005's CONSTANTINE. What is surprising to me is that Swamp Thing isn't listed among the characters involved in JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK. I wanna see Swamp Thing return to the big screen, dammit!

These characters have not been confirmed by the studio yet, nor has it been confirmed if the project is part of either the already in progress DC Comics shared cinematic universe, or a rumored separate shared universe featuring only Vertigo Comics titles.

Knowing that Del Toro has a lot on his plate, including the upcoming CRIMSON PEAK, making his small B&W movie and then moving onto PACIFIC RIM 2, one has to wonder how much time he will have to develop JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK. Then again, he always seems to find a way. 

Extra Tidbit: Do you think Del Toro will ever find time to make this one?
Source: El Mayimbe



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