Hellraiser 10 in production, Heather Langenkamp to appear

Here's something I bet you didn't expect to hear: HELLRAISER 10 is in production. There has been no official announcement yet, but in an interview with ScareTissue about her new film HOME, Langenkamp let the cat out of the bag:

I actually have an opportunity to play a small part in Hellraiser – the new Hellraiser. I’m so excited about it. I go next week to do the shooting. The script is amazing and that I got the part is something that I find incredible.

Honestly, the property has been mistreated so much that it's no surprise that they might be attempting to slip another film past us to strengthen their grip on their copyright. However, the fact that Langenkamp is involved to any degree sweetens the deal a little.

This tenth entry in the HELLRAISER franchise will be directed by longtime makeup artist Gary Tunnicliffe, according to Langenkamp. Tunnicliffe has been on the series since HELLRAISER III and has most recently worked on GONE GIRL. Again, there is no official source for this announcement, but you'd think a cast member would know what they're talking about. Stay tuned as the story develops!

Listen to the full interview below:

Extra Tidbit: Would you want another HELLRAISER?
Source: ScareTissue



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