Horrific footage is found in the Ouija: Blood Ritual trailer

Ouija: Blood Ritual Dustin Mills

A trailer has been released online for writer/director Dustin Mills' latest film, OUIJA: BLOOD RITUAL, which is now available on DVD exclusively through Grindhouse Video.

Starring Kayla Elizabeth, Rob Grant, Brandon Salkil, and Mills himself, the film has the following synopsis: 

Three Ohio filmmakers set out to debunk famous internet urban legends and rituals. When one of the rituals calls for a blood sacrifice, the trio unwittingly summon an ancient primordial evil that won't stop until they're all dead or they will submit to his evil power.

Featuring bloody dead bodies and strange supernatural events shown in first-person perspective, the trailer for OUIJA: BLOOD RITUAL does make it look like a promising new entry in the found footage sub-genre. 

I'm not generally a fan of found footage myself, but I'll watch anything Mills makes, and I trust that he has done something entertaining with the concept. A few years ago, he made one of the most interesting and unique found footage movies ever, one called SNUFFET, so we're in good hands here.

Check out the OUIJA: BLOOD RITUAL teaser below, and if you'd like to pick up a copy head over to Grindhouse.

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