IFC acquiring Jim Mickle's Cold In July

We've been stoked about director Jim Mickle's adaptation of Joe Lansdale's COLD IN JULY ever since we first heard about the project last year and now that the film has had its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival it was only a matter of time before we heard who would be picking the film up for distribution. If you read the headline, you know the deal: Deadline is reporting that genre fave IFC is closing a deal to acquire the Michael C. Hall-starring flick which can only mean we'll be hearing some release details soon!

Our very own Chris Bumbray got to peep COLD IN JULY at Sundance, describing it as "the most purely-entertaining film this year's edition of the fest has yet to offer" in his review HERE. The retro-styled thriller revolves around...

...an ordinary small town man whose life is changed when he kills a burglar who breaks into his home. However, it turns out the man he killed is the son of a fearsome convict, recently released from prison, and he'll have to protect his family from the ex-con seeking revenge. 

The film also stars Don Johnson, Sam Shepard and Vinessa Shaw.

Here's hoping we hear a release date for this one soon as, like many of you, I'm excited as hell to check this one out!

Extra Tidbit: Have you read Lansdale's COLD IN JULY? Are you excited for the film?
Source: Deadline



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