Infection spreads into these new Contracted stills

Does anyone else feel like they need to wash their hands immediately after seeing anything from Eric England’s body horror flick CONTRACTED? I don't know about you guys, but I'll be watching this one with a Hazmat suit on, believe that! Lucky for us horror fans, England is set to inject some vile horror into our lives with his latest film as it will be hitting limited theaters and VOD outlets (including iTunes, Xbox, PlayStation, Amazon Instant Video, GooglePlay, SundanceNow, and more) on November 22 via IFC Midnight. Now check out some new stills below, and try not to get any on you.

CONTRACTED tells the terrifying tale of a young girl who has a one-night stand with a stranger and contracts what she thinks is a sexually transmitted disease – but it is actually something far worse. As things begin to crumble around her, she is sent on a disturbing and bloodcurdling journey sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats

Directed by England, CONTRACTED stars Katie Stegeman, Charley Koontz, Najarra Townsend, E-Kan Soong, Matt Mercer, Simon Barrett, Alice Macdonald, Jennifer Gonzalez, Ruben Pla, Lionel D. Carson and Caroline Williams. You can watch the latest trailer right HERE in case you missed it!

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