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The Arrow interviews Colleen Porch

If Colleen Porch looks familiar, its because you might have seen her model in countless magazines or witnessed her in Starship Troopers Part 2 as Pvt Sahara. The sexy lady has a slew of genre projects under her skirt with "Demon Hunter", a TNT Pilot named "The Dark" and a lead role in the indie chiller "CHOKER" coming up. I had the chance to yap with the dame to find out more about her and the CHOKER experience. Here's what she fired back at me!

What’s your # 1 horror movie?

My all time favorite horror movie is “The Shining”.

Would you say having been photographed for so long helped you in terms of “film acting” or got in the way?

With modeling you are selling clothes or the experience of being in them.  The image reflects a moment caught in time, usually where the subject is perceived as being somewhere else emotionally.  Acting is organic – therefore you are striving for living in the moment; So no, - I don’t think one can help the other. 

How would you describe your audition process for the picture?

Actually, a good friend of mine thought I would be right for the part, so she passed along the info.  The auditions were held in a theatre, which is wonderful for me because I could really use the space and feel free to move around the stage.  There was also a physical distance between myself and the people observing the scene, which I find very appealing as a performer.

What was it about the part of Logan that interested you?

Logan has tremendous will and fortitude.  She has a strong desire to do the right thing even if it could potentially put her in harms way.  These qualities make her brave but she is also vulnerable to the erratic behavior of a serial killer.

What was in your case the toughest aspect of shooting in a low budget film?

There is never enough time when you are working with no budget.  But the crew was wonderful and made the hectic schedule worth it.

Did you have to do any stunts in the film? If so what was more the more ambitious one?

I always do my own stunts.  However, working on choker did not require me to do any.  I take a lot of pleasure in learning and training for the stunt sequences.

What was the hardest “dramatic” scene you had to act in and why?

The most challenging scene to do was the scene where I had to shoot a gun, carry Paul Sloan’s character to the car and start the car – all in one take.

What’s next up for you as an actress? Any new projects on the horizon?

I just worked with the great Steven J. Cannell on two projects:  A film called “Demon Hunter” and a pilot for TNT called, “The Dark”.

What was the first drink you consumed at the Wrap Party?

A glass of chardonnay. J

I'd like to thank Colleen for the swift QNA! Looking forward to seeing ya choke the screen through your various fear projects. Keep it up my lady!



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