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The Arrow interviews Peter O'Herne

A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from some dude expressing his appreciation for this little site that I run. Winds up that the dude was Peter O'Herne, one of the bad boys in Peter Jackson’s "Bad Taste". Faster than you can say “hookers in space”, I slapped an interview his way and this is how it came out. Thanks, Pete!

1- What's your favorite horror movie?

My fave horror flick has to be Dawn of the Dead....I like good Classic Horror films that are Kick Ass....and we were all fans of that film. But there were a lot of great films around the time we did Bad Taste....like Evil Dead...Sam Raimi is great and the sequels that followed were cool....Evil Dead 2 was great and Army of Darkness..was hilarious..."Hail To the King Baby"!!

2- Was there a lot of improv on the Bad Taste set?

Yeah sort of, we did go out to the shoot with a plan but it changed when we were all together...... we kept coming up with ideas to make Bad Taste better... there was a lot of laughing on the set.....Funny thing is that we did have scripted dialogue for the film and we did use it.....especially in the studio for voiceovers that was really funny, Me and Pete had to do our scenes together and we kept cracking up and the Tech's were very patient....heehee!!

3- Have you done more acting since, what have you been up to?

I did my back in soon after Bad Taste so I have had problems on and off for years, so I had to turn down a guest spot in Braindead--Dead Alive in the party scene but I have been writing scripts for years as I have a love for the industry. There is a sci-fi/horror flick idea that I have and a couple of classic zombie film ideas too + a weird fantasy treatment that needs work but I'd like to see that happen one day and I'd like to get into a business printing T-shirts with a kick ass attitude to them. I have a lot of ideas + I keep in touch with Pete Jackson and the boys still. I have been doing some work for a comic called Zombie Holocaust which is cool and I have a few other projects too but I can’t say anything at the moment...heehee!!

4- I loved the sheep getting hit by the rocket bit. How did that come about? Was it in the script?

The sheep bit wasn’t in the script but it was definitely in Pete's head. The original plan was the sheep was going to be rabid and chase Barry (me) and Giles all over the landscape and then gets blown up, we even filmed some scenes where we were running but we didn’t use them. But anyway, me and Pete were driving home from location and Pete said, "Hey let's pull over here I wanna try something." So we pulled off the road and set up a makeshift table....like a coffee table. Then we set it with explosives and a sheep skin rug, we went across the road set the charges, got the shot ready and BLEW IT UP!!! The rest is really tight editing.

5- What was the hardest stunt you had to do?

I guess for me some of the hardest stuff I did wasn’t on film and that was helping Pete do his Robert/Derek fight scenes on the side of the cliff....man that cliff was really steep and if Pete was filming himself sometimes he just couldn’t hold the camera at all so it was either me or Ken Hammon who did some of the camera work....it was pretty dangerous up there...

6- Was it hard keeping a straight face while shooting?
Yeah, very much so. All the boys had a hilarious sense of humor and there was a lot of joking on the set and out of 92 mins of finished film there was about 7-9 hours of rushes and a lot of them were outtakes.....heehee!!
Also there were a lot of practical jokes too and the one that sticks out is the joke that Pete played on Mike Minett....Mike would turn up late sometimes to filming and we would wait around as a lot of the scenes had all the Boys in it together. Anyway there is a pic that I sent you I think of Pete firing an antique gun called a Brown Bess Musket....that was the day of the joke....hahaha!! So Pete is standing there with this gun and he says to us boys "When Mike turns up I’m gonna have fun with Mike"......so Mike finally turns up and Pete points the gun at Mike (which is loaded with blanks and shouts to him "I AM SICK OF YOU TURNING UP LATE!!" and Fires "BOOM" Mike was so shocked he clutched at his chest and we all fell about the place laughing.

7- What do you do in your spare time when you're not killing aliens?

Well my interests are varied and quite weird......to be honest when I’m not doing the Gym and pursuing my other projects....I like to kick back with watching Movies.....I like Pro-Wrestling (watching it I mean)....and I am a Sci-fi fan too so I like to keep up with what’s going on there.......things like Star trek...X-files....that sort of stuff.......I also like Heavy Rock and I keep up with the latest music + listen to my Faves Like AC/DC....ZZ TOP...Alice Cooper....I like Rob Zombie as well. That Dude is total performance...I like that and I hope his movie does well.

8- You still talk to Peter Jackson? Any scoops on Lord Of The Rings?

I haven’t spoken to Pete since Oct '99.....but we usually catch up sooner or later. I could ring him if I want but I give him space as he is doing what he loves. I grew up with Pete and I have known him since I was about 9 years old so whenever we do touch base it is always the same conversation....MOVIES!! Heehee!! As for Lord Of The Rings, it looks great and is gonna do great.

9- What's your favorite Peter Jackson flick?

My fave Pete Jackson Flick has to be Bad Taste......but I have a fondness for The Frighteners too. It had a lot of our fave actors in it. Guys like Jeffrey Combs cos of Re-Animator....Michael J Fox cos of Back To The Future......John Astin cos of Evil Roy Slade......R. Lee Ermy for Full Metal Jacket....and Dee Wallace Stone cos of The Howling, E.T. and Cujo....all films that we were fans of when we were younger and inspired us to carry on....I'm sure Pete is disappointed that Vincent Price and Peter Cushing are gone now as he would have put them in a film too.

10- If GOD would come down to earth and tell you to either give up booze or women. Which one would you toss aside?

Well if God said that to me I would know a way around it cos I only know Boozy Women....I mean ya can’t have one without the other if ya know what I mean.......hehehe!!

Couldn’t have said it better myself bud, thanks for the chit chat and come back any damn time.



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