Is a TV series based on The Exorcist brewing?

It has been a while since we last heard anything about the potential TV series based on William Friedkin’s horror classic THE EXORCIST, but apparently there's still quite a bit of interest surrounding the project. Jeremy Slater (FANTASTIC FOUR reboot) is writing the series that is said to be a brand new take on the material. Not too long ago I probably would have been dissapointed over news like this, but after what we've seen from both "Hannibal" and "Bates Motel" I'm pretty damn optimistic!

Even though it's still well into its early stages of development, that hasn't stopped Morgan Creek, who has the rights to the property, from shopping it around to both cable and broadcast networks. I wouldn't be surprised if this series gets picked up rather quickly after how popular the horror genre has become on the small screen. Roy Lee, executive producer of THE DEPARTED and THE RING, is set to executive produce. We'll keep you folks posted as this one moves along!

And don't forget, you can pre-order the 40th Anniversary of THE EXORCIST right HERE which is set for a release on October 8th, 2013!

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Source: Deadline



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