It's the Booze Talkin' Is it time to revive the Creepshow franchise?

This week, we at AITH are celebrating a very special day. Thirty years ago audiences discovered a blob like creature in a lake, a vengeful statue and a hit and run victim who keeps coming back from the dead. Yes, I’m talking about CREEPSHOW 2. For many, this sequel didn’t live up to the original classic. However, I have a ton of love for this freaky flick. Divided into three stories - “Old Chief Wood’nhead”, “The Raft” and “The Hitch-hiker” - this anthology has only gotten more entertaining with time. With stories by George A. Romero and Stephen King, this fun flick manages to mix horror and comedy rather well. While the critical reception wasn’t as solid as the original - neither was the box office take - I still love this groovy entry. But let’s not talk about the putrid and cheapie sequel that didn’t involve Romero and King entitled Creepshow 3.

With all the remakes and reboots running rampant in Hollywood, this is a series I’d love to see return. Why? Because I still believe Romero has something special in him, and there is no doubt that Stephen King can reach into his bag of scares. That’s right, I want another CREEPSHOW with the two involved. And no I’m not talking about a crappy flick like the unmentionable third film, I want a big budget return. Call it CREEPSHOW 4, or just call it CREEPSHOW RETURNS. Frankly I don’t care what they call it, I want another one. Thirty years is a long damn time, and we already have a number of independent horror anthologies like THE ABC’S OF DEATH or VHS, but the pure unadulterated comic book joy that the first two films offer are unforgettable. And now, I offer to you a number of reasons - well, I really mean to say filmmakers - to  make another awesome horror show.

creepshow the raft creepshow 2 george a romero stephen king horror anthology

Let’s start with Jennifer Kent. The CREEPSHOW franchise was part horror, comedy and a little fantasy. While THE BABADOOK was pretty light on humor, it brilliantly displayed her artistic vision when it came to spooks as well as creative and thought provoking visuals. Imagine what Kent could do with one of the segments. Sure we have yet to see what else she is capable of, but I have a feeling we’ll be enjoying some of her upcoming work like the drama THE NIGHTINGALE or WHOEVER BROUGHT ME HERE. Ironically, the filmmaker appears to be staying away from thrills and chills for the moment. That’s all well and good, I’m still excited to see what she has coming. And I have little doubt that she could successful pull off something that fits inside the CREEPSHOW universe.

creepshow father's day creepshow 2 george a romero stephen king horror anthology

If you want to give this series some genuinely ghoulish delight, what about GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY master James Gunn? Here is the thing that I really appreciate about this incredible filmmaker, he still loves the crap out of horror. Out of all of the modern genre directors, it is Gunn that could give a new segment a gleefully gory quality. Hell, if you look at SLITHER, there is a ton there to prove the guy would feel very comfortable tackling some creepy tales with great dialogue. Even with the gargantuan GOTG, I’d bet serious money that he’d be down for giving his own creative stamp on comic book frights. Even with his recent script for THE BELKO EXPERIMENT - directed by the very talented Greg McLean - you could see how much he relishes that old pitch black humor.

creepshow the lonesome death of jordy verrill stephen king george a romero creepshow 2 horror anthology

With the impressive list of indie and mainstream genre offerings from last year, we have a ton of talent to chose from. Imagine what Robert Eggars of THE WITCH fame could do? What about David Robert Mitchell? Could the guy who brought us IT FOLLOWS bring some of his Carpenter inspired style for a scary segment? Would James Wan bring a classy supernatural touch to it? There are so many interesting filmmakers who I fully believe could make for thrilling return. Takashi Miike, Bong Joon-ho, and perhaps Fede Alvarez could amp up the tension and bloodshed. This is an exciting time for the genre, and if you get a really special group to dig up this long buried series, there is a good chance nostalgia would bring fans back.

creepshow creepshow 2 george a romero stephen king horror anthology the creep

Maybe it’s the booze talkin’, but we could use another CREEPSHOW. With the wealth of exciting filmmakers who still share a love for Eighties shocks, why not bring back The Creep to the big screen. Give King and Romero the chance to raise this beast from its nocturnal slumber. The past few years we have seen a sort of a revival when it comes to great scary movies. With this kind of talent, I guarantee that audiences would welcome yet another journey into the world of the damned. Call it a sequel, call it a reboot, but this is something that has been in the ground for far too long.

Extra Tidbit: What modern filmmaker would you like to see join in if they ever make another Creepshow?
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