James Bond's writers penning Barbarella series for Nicolas Winding Refn

Last summer came the news that DRIVE director Nicolas Winding Refn was set to sit at the helm of a small-screen adaptation of BARBARELLA, based upon the sexy French comic book and the immortal (?) 1968 film starring Jane Fonda. To be perfectly honest, I had forgotten about the project, but today's news reminds me that this is certainly something to look forward to.

According to a recent press release, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade - writers of the five most recent James Bond films, including the excellent SKYFALL - have been tapped to scribble out BARBARELLA for Refn and Gaumont International Television, which is producing.

"I'm extremely excited that Neal and Robert have signed on to develop and write Barbarella with me,” said Refn. “I'm certain that the combination of our creative forces will produce a show that is as enthralling as it is sexy."

Fitting that Wade and Purvis should join the BARBARELLA cause, as the character is something of a slinky James Bond type, traveling from planet to planet, getting into terrifying adventures with all sorts of space creatures and rogues. Of course, she also has a penchant for having lots and lots of sex. She's practically the greatest character ever created.

No word on when cameras roll on this thing, but sooner rather than later would be nice, fellas.

Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of the original Barbarella?



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