James Wan will not direct The Conjuring 3

That last word we heard on the upcoming third installment of THE CONJURING franchise, came to us in May when we let you guys know that the upcoming flick was not set to involve haunted houses and/or possessions. Since then we have heard the news that THE CONJURING 2's THE CROOKED MAN was getting his own spin-off and today we learn two new bits of info on THE CONJURING 3 itself.

The first bit is an unfortunate one to bring to you in that is said director James Wan will NOT be returning to the director's chair for the new film. Wan, of course, directed the previous films in the flagship CONJURING series but will be sitting this round out, no doubt, to focus on AQUAMAN.

That said, THE CONJURING 3 has just secured its screenwriter in David Leslie Johnson, who is known for writing THE CONJURING 2 and one of my favorite under-appreciated flicks ORPHAN.

The synopsis for the third installment is being kept under tight wraps at the moment, but no worries, it will also be based on one of the Warrens case files. THE CONJURING 3 will mark the 7th (!) film in THE CONJURING series and the first two, ANNABELLE and its sequel, THE NUN, and the above-mentioned THE CROOKED MAN spin-off.

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ANNABELLE: CREATION hits theaters August 11th. Read Jimmy O's review RIGHT HERE!

Extra Tidbit: Who do you think should direct THE CONJURING 3?
Source: Deadline



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