Jeff Nichols' Midnight Special, a tribute to 80s John Carpenter, rolls forward

Jeff Nichols is one of the most talented young directors working, in my opinion. The man has helmed the fantastic indie dramas SHOTGUN STORIES, TAKE SHELTER and MUD (currently in theaters), but for his next film, he's going in a new direction. 

MIDNIGHT SPECIAL is the title of Nichols' first studio film; it's set up at Warner Bros., and has Michael Shannon (who has appeared in all three of Nichols' films) attached to star. 

Plot details are thin, but it's described as a "contemporary science fiction chase film". However, back in January in an interview with Collider, Nichols revealed the inspiration behind the project: 

Right now I’m working on this one called Midnight Special. I won’t talk too much about it now, other than to say I kind of want to make a 1980s John Carpenter movie. If I had to choose one of those it would be Starman. "

This thrills me beyond words; a director as promising as Nichols tackling something in an 80s John Carpenter vein? Yes, right now please. 

Nichols' MUD star Reese Witherspoon

Extra Tidbit: Of course, when I think of "Midnight Special", I think of the Creedence Clearwater song of the same name used at the beginning of TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE.
Source: Deadline.com



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