J.K. Simmons in talks to join the cast of Terminator: Genesis

We've got a bit of casting news regarding Alan Taylor's TERMINATOR: GENESIS to throw your way today as THR reports that J.K. Simmons is in negotiations to join the cast of TERMINATOR: GENESIS, the reboot of the sci-fi action franchise being made by Skydance and Paramount. According their sources, Simmons will play a weary and alcoholic detective who has followed a bizarre case involving Sarah Connor and robots for more than three decades (since 1984, which, not coincidentally, is the year the original movie, directed by James Cameron, was released). It's getting harder and hard to not be excited about this one. The cast is just too damn impressive to ignore, and the addition of Simmons just makes it even better.

Details on the film itself are still being kept quiet but what we do know is that the reboot will string together multiple ideas from the previous films as it retells the story of a cyborg from a future where computers gained intelligence and waged war against mankind.

Also starring is Emilia Clarke who will play Sarah Connor, Jason Clarke as John Connor, Jai Courtney will take on Kyle Reese and Arnold Schwarzenegger is back as the Terminator. Look for more soon!

Emilia Clarke

Extra Tidbit: What are your thoughts on the cast for this one? Looking pretty good, right?
Source: THR



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