Joe Bob Briggs needs your help to get a MonsterVision revival on Shudder

Joe Bob Briggs

When I was a kid, I used to tune in to The Movie Channel to catch Drive-In Theater, a show that ran from 1986 to 1996 and was hosted by legendary movie reviewer / drive-in enthusiast Joe Bob Briggs. Through his hosting segments, Joe Bob helped shape my appreciation for B-movies and the drive-in era, an appreciation that endures to this day and is always growing stronger. Soon after Drive-In Theater ended, Joe Bob started hosting a similar show called MonsterVision on TNT, another show that I loved, even though I saw less of it than I saw of Drive-In Theater. The movies were edited for content and broken up by commercial breaks on TNT, but those commercial breaks allowed for more frequent check-ins with Joe Bob, so there was a bit of give and take there.

MonsterVision ended in mid-2000, which means we've gone almost eighteen years without a show hosted by Joe Bob Briggs on the airwaves. That's what I call a tragic waste of time.

But now there's a glimmer of hope that Joe Bob Briggs might return to our screens, as Joe Bob took to his social media accounts to notify followers that the streaming service Shudder is showing interest in reviving MonsterVision... And to convince Shudder that's definitely something they need to do, Joe Bob needs the help of his fans.

Joe Bob's assistant later posted on the page that, while there is no official deadline for when these video testimonials need to be sent in to [email protected], "it'd probably be more helpful to have them over the next week or so".

A new movie show hosted by Joe Bob Briggs is something the world desperately needs, so I'm really hoping Shudder will decide to move forward with this idea.

Extra Tidbit: Did you watch Drive-In Theater and/or MonsterVision?
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