Killer clown movie Circus Kane gets a trailer and poster

Circus Kane Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray

Pennywise isn't the only clown who will be terrifying viewers this September. On September 8th, the same day Warner Bros. will be releasing the Stephen King adaptation IT into theatres, Uncork'd Entertainment will be releasing the circus-set horror film CIRCUS KANE onto VOD.

Directed by Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray from a screenplay by James Cullen Bressack and Zack Ward (based on a story by Sean Sellars), CIRCUS KANE tells the following story: 

The notorious and disgraced circus master, Balthazar Kane, invites an unsuspecting group of social media stars to the revival of his CIRCUS KANE by promising $250,000 to any of them who can make it through the night. Kane’s true plan quickly proves to be far more sinister as the contestants realize more than money is on the line. The group must fight for their lives to escape Kane’s demented house of horrors.

Jonathan Lipnicki, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Nicole Fox, Jonathan Nation, Mike Jerome Putnam, Scott Thomas Reynolds, and Bill Voorhees star.

Just over a month out from the film's release, Uncork'd has unveiled the poster and put out a trailer for it, both which can be seen below.

With a cool looking killer clown, the kid from JERRY MAGUIRE, and a villain who looks like a rotting Rob Zombie, and some solid talent on the creative team, CIRCUS KANE has my attention and I will definitely be watching it in September. Will you?

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