Kim Coates crushes criminal cranium in the Officer Downe trailer

Officer Downe Shawn Crahan Kim Coates

With the graphic novel OFFICER DOWNE, author Joe Casey and artist Christ Burnham created a title character who protects, serves, and kicks ass, even beyond the grave, and dropped him into a story packed with over-the-top sex and violence. Casey has since adapted the comic story into a script that has been brought to life as the feature directorial debut of Shawn Crahan, who you may know as Clown from the masked band Slipknot.

With prolific character actor Kim Coates in the lead role, the OFFICER DOWNE film promises to take viewers 

into a hyper-real Los Angeles for the story of a savage LA policeman who is repeatedly resurrected and returned to active duty via dark science technology. When a rookie officer named Gable is recruited as back up, he discovers there’s much more to the titular super-cop than a mindless law enforcement drone warring against a twisted rouges gallery of over-the-top super-villains.

Coates' co-stars include Tyler Ross, Lauren Luna Velez, Meadow Williams, Alison Lohman, and Sona Eyambe.

Magnolia's Magnet Releasing will be putting OFFICER DOWNE out on VOD on November 18th, and to help brace the audience for the madness that's coming at them in just over a month, a trailer has dropped online that gives a glimpse of the colorfully lit violence and campy characters and performances.

OFFICER DOWNE looks pretty awesome, and it's very cool to see Coates taking on a part like this. This one ranks highly on my "must see" list for November.

Extra Tidbit: How does OFFICER DOWNE look to you?



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