Lady Gaga to return in American Horror Story season six

American Horror Story is currently between seasons, but there's no show that generates more buzz while it's off the air. In between rampant speculation about the theme of the upcoming season, we'll of course be getting Ryan Murphy's patented slow drip of casting announcements.

We already know that Angela Bassett is on tap to return, but now season five star Lady Gaga has confirmed that she will be returning during an interview with New York's Z100 radio station. She was asked if she will return and replied, "Yes. I can’t promise you how or when or anything like that.” That sounds about right, because it's a little early to be revealing too many details.

It's hardly surprising that Gaga will be returning, considering that she won a Golden Globe for her performance as The Countess on Hotel, the most recent season. The show needs all the buzz it can get after yet another underwhelming, scatterbrained finale. Gaga might not have the chops of a Jessica Lange, but at least she has a surreal screen presence that works well with the show's heightened universe.

More on the upcoming season as it's announced!

Extra Tidbit: What character would you like to see Gaga play?
Source: Variety



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