The Arrow's Top 8 reasons why the Supernatural TV show rocks!

It's the Halloween season, I'm grooving to a horror show, I'm sharing the love! Now, I haven’t followed a TV Show since The X-Files. Not because I don’t want to but because I simply don’t have the f-ing time to do so. But shit changed this year as I got hooked to not one but two current TV Shows. They are Game of Thrones (which I finally caught up to) and Supernatural (I am at Season 4 at the moment). The latter left quite an impression me. I actually got into it by accident. I was channel surfing one night and caught an episode halfway in. And I just couldn't let it go as it reminded me of The X-Files and for good reason, The X-Files director Kim Manners had directed it.

So once the end credits rolled, I was in like Flint (whomever that dude is)! So I went back and started watching the show from Season 1 and onward. Now I know all of you Supernatural fans are at Season 9 at this point in your journey, but that won’t stop me from listing the TOP 8 things that I LOVE about this show so far! So hop into your Chevrolet Impala, lock and load them salt guns and let’s roll!

1- The writing and directing!

Supernatural has been blessed with some great writers and directors! Peeps that manage to balance the horror, drama and the comedy in the show perfectly! Writers like John Shiban (Breaking Bad), Raelle Tucker (True Blood) and Cathryn Humphris (Mad Men). And directors like Kim Manners (a The X-Files veteran), Robert Singer (Smallville) or Rachel Talalay (Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare). There's all kinds of class behind the camera when it comes to this show and in my book, they are the numero uno reason as to WHY this sucka has been whooping that ass for so long!

2- The Winchester Brothers

It’s no secret that the ladies love Dean and Sam. Any chick I talk to, all they do is GUSH over them. All good. But speaking from my point of view, I will say this; not only are Jared Padalecki and Jansen Ackles mucho likeable in the show (I really relate to Dean), but the effortless chemistry they both share together is totally endearing and in my opinion the GLUE that keeps this show going. Word on the street is that in real life, they are very close friends, pretty much family, and you know what, it shows. When I sit my ass down to clock the show, it feels like I’m hooking up with two old buds and that kind of magic can’t be manufactured, it either happens or doesn’t happen. Supernatural is lucky to have two leads that are so engaging separately and even more so together. They can make even a sub-par episode worth watching.

3- The badass attitude!

Everything about Supernatural is leaned towards the BAD and the ASS! The music (Scorpions, AC/DC, Def Leppard, Quiet Riot, Survivor, Metallica, Led Zeppelin and the list goes on and on!), the cool ass clothes (Dean has the best leather jackets), the slick 1967 Chevrolet Impala, to the varied weapons. This show doesn't fore-go the cho in MACHO! All good with me!

4- The varied monsters!

I gotta hand it to Supernatural, it goes all out in the horror book of monsters! So far I've gotten a djinn, zombies, a rugaru (cannibal creatures in short), shapeshifters, demons, vampires, wendigos, ghosts, angels, hellhounds, cupids, werewolves, crazy God worshipers, a davea (hot chick beastie), a killer scarecrow... and that's just the tip of the ice pick! No monster stone goes unturned in Supernatural!

5- The hot chicks!

Yeah the two leads look like models, but us dudes get the deluxe treatment as well! Every chick in this show is sizzling hot! I"m talking the sultry Katie Cassidy as Ruby, Adrianne Palicki as Sam's girl. Sasha Barrese as a sexy demon, Emmanuelle Vaugier as a werewolf, Katherine Boecher as a grown up Lilith, Lauren Cohan (my personal favorite) as the love to hate, to bang Bella or Genevieve Padalecki (Jared Padalecki's real life wife... lucky bastard) as the second Ruby! Yeah we're well served in the hottie department!

6- The scares!

For a Network show (WB) this bad boy can be pretty damn intense! Like the creepy kids in the episode "The Kids Are Alright," the imaginary friends in "Playthings", the murderous clown in "Everybody Loves a Clown", the eerie Mary in "Bloody Mary", the slash happy Scarecrow in "Scarecrow" or the brutal demon kid Lilith. They all gave me the willies. THANK YOU FOR THAT!

7- The supporting cast!

Look I'm just at Season 4, so I'm sure the supporting cast beefs up in the future, but thus far I am mucho impressed by the casting of the side players! For example: Fredric Lehne as "Yellow Eyes", Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester, Jim Beaver as the affable Bobby, Traci Dinwiddie as the flirty physic Pamela or my personal favorite Castiel played by Misha Collins. The supporting cast in this show is BEYOND top notch and really brings more cred to the whole. So major props to all!

8- The horror movie references.

One thing I dig about the show, which may go over "regular" people's heads is just how much it winks at or references horror movies. It does it either via a song, name dropping the title, witty dialogue or circumstances that mirror those of a famous horror film. I caught nods to: The X-Files, Poltergeist, The Exorcist, The Ring, Manhunter, Ghostbusters, Willard, The Shining, classic monsters like Dracula and The Mummy and the list goes on! So for a horror fan, this show and I park our cars in the same garage.

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