Michael Biehn & Jennifer Blanc set to remake Chilean horror flick Hidden in the Woods

Wow, here's one out of left field...

Y'all remember a Chilean horror flick we wrote about last year called HIDDEN IN THE WOODS? Well, it looks like the great Michael Biehn and his wife Jennifer Blanc (below) are in line to remake the film for Blanc Biehn Productions. Pretty crazy considering the original flick is set to premiere at Fantasia Fest next week (August 6th). Mike and Jen are wasting zero time!

About remaking Patricio Valladares original, which the Chilean director will helm as well, Biehn said this:

“I am thrilled to be working with Patricio – I’ve been waiting a very long time for a project like this to cross my path!”

Here's the gist:

Ana and Anny, two sisters whom have been raised in isolation, under the atrocity of drug dealing and the incestuous obsession of their grim father. When they, tired of the abuse, call the police, he kills two officers and is put in jail. Free from their father, the girls now will have to escape from Tío Costello, the local drug lord trying to recover a large amount of drugs hidden in the woods.

Biehn will star in the flick, which enters production in Chile at the end of the year.

Extra Tidbit: You see the original yet?
Source: AITH



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