Might Jason Goes to Hell: The Director's Cut see the light of day?

**UPDATED** The petition for a JASON GOES TO HELL Director's Cut now has over 2,000 signatures!  If you haven't signed yet, do it now. If you've already told all your buddies to sign, tell them again. Let's get this cut, guys! Here is the update straight from the petition's creator Jared Johnson:

2,000 Supporters! How could 2,000 Jason Voorhees Fans Be Wrong!

Twitter has been flooding with support thanks to everyone! Way to go, I applaud each of you!! Over 2,000 supporters in less than 5 days is a thing of beauty! Continue firing tweets of the petiton throughout the week! I will be finishing up hard copies tonight, shipping to Paramount Pictures in the A.M.! JGTH will live on!

Okay, truth time again here at AITH. I am a huge, mega, super-duper, "Creighton Duke Lives!" fan of Adam Marcus' ninth entry in the FRIDAY THE 13TH series JASON GOES TO HELL: THE FINAL FRIDAY. Like, no joke, the film is one of my favorite horror movies of all time.

I know, I know. Go ahead and say what you will, many before, and many after, have laughed in my face upon hearing this. I'm used to it. But you'll be missing out. Along with all of my ex-friends.

JASON GOES TO HELL is simply one of the most fun fright flicks of all time. It's like THE TERMINATOR meets THE HIDDEN - but with f*cking Jason! Also, it has energy to spare, a relentlessly creative kill count, and, as a cherry on top - one of the coolest Jason designs ever.

Anyhow, I am not alone, it seems, in my love for JGTH. In fact, two other super-fans, Jared Johnson and Brandon Scott Murphree, took to Change.org and set up a petition aimed at Warner Bros themselves to finally release the director's cut, which would presumably include footage only seen in the workprint version of the film. 

Here is the rundown on the petition via the site:

Jared Johnson and Brandon Scott Murphree are asking for everyone's help, to bring attention to having Jason Goes To Hell made in a true "Director's Cut". Adam Marcus, director and co-writer of Jason Goes To Hell, has expressed interest in this being made. Many scenes were cut and unused during filming, including key special fx scenes showcasing the incredible work of KNB FX. Sadly, they never made the final cut. These scenes are strong contributions to this film and, best of all, they were shot. The footage exists, in fact many scenes were edited properly..nearly fully finished before being cut; and now we hope to have them cut back in to a definitive Jason Goes To Hell Uncut Director's Cut the way Adam Marcus originally intended. We ask you to sign this petition in hopes we can pick up a company to work out this project and bring it to light! Please sign and help us get the attention that Jason Goes To Hell deserves!

Not only am I and 400+ other peeps mega JASON GOES TO HELL fans, but FEAST and THE COLLECTOR filmmaker Marcus Dunstan has signed the petition himself! How cool is that? 

Here is Marcus Dunstan's post-signing comment:

Jason Goes to Hell was the first F13 I saw (sneaked into) in a theater as a kid and I couldn't believe that a production assistant who ran coffee on the first F13 film stuck to his dreams and directed Jason himself only a short time later. Adam Marcus is a gentleman, a grand heart, and for kids within us all and for the kid who sneaks a peak at this edition... will be well rewarded with a peak into a marvelous wicked dream come true. PLEASE UNLEASH JASON AS HE WAS MEANT TO BE! New History is rare and to be lauded! 

Cheers and Bravo! -Marcus!

Amen, Marcus. Amen. 

You can check out a full rundown of the JASON GOES TO HELL: WORKPRINT over here at FridayThe13thFranchise.com.

Sign the petition HERE!

JGTH star Erin Gray
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