Milla Jovovich teams with band Parcels for WithorWithout

Milla Jovovich Benjamin Howdeshell Parcels WithorWithout

RESIDENT EVIL franchise star Milla Jovovich has taken to her social media accounts to promote what she describes as "an insane new project" she did with one of her favorite bands, Parcels.

A disco pop group whose single "Overnight" was produced by Daft Punk, Parcels just released their self-titled debut album last Friday, and this Wednesday we're going to be seeing the release of something Parcels-related that stars Jovovich and is titled WithorWithout.

We can probably safely assume that WithorWithout is a music video, but the promo Jovovich shared describes it as a film. Perhaps a short film that also happens to be a music video, like the classic Michael Jackson/John Landis team-up "Thriller".

Like "Thriller", this project appears to be a horror short, which is why it has our attention here on Arrow in the Head. In this case, it looks like Jovovich plays a woman dealing with a home invasion, which is pretty uncomfortable subject matter for a disco pop video.

Directed by Benjamin Howdeshell, WithorWithout is a mystery right now, but we'll know exactly what it is in just two days. In the meantime, the promos Jovovich shared can be seen below.

Source: InstagramABC.net



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