Necessary Evil: Super Bowl Horror!

Here we are again, my fellow horror freaks! I was pleased to see that many got down with and enjoyed our last evil nature Necessary Evil. Got some pretty cool feedback on that one and it was mucho appreciated! Now, are you all excited for the Big Game this weekend? Whether you enjoy football, drinking, wings, chips, or cool commercials, I think the Super Bowl offers a little bit for everyone. This got me to thinking... what does it offer to horror fans? Not too much (unless the game is a massacre). Hence, I decided to find a way to bring some true horror movie fun to the Big Game this Sunday. Strap on your helmet and shoulder pads because things are about to get violent!

IDEA: A horror movie that takes place at the Super Bowl.

OUTLINE: A good, but aging quarterback has made it to the Super Bowl. He's been there three times previously and lost each time. Too many blows to the head are forcing him to retire after this current year and he is worried if he can't win that elusive championship, it is going to severely tarnish his legacy.

The night before the Big Game, the quarterback comes into contact with a sharp-dressed older man who claims he can guarantee him victory. The old man is, of course... the Devil! After displaying some fiery powers, the quarterback is convinced. The Devil assures him that his football legacy shall remain safe and he will go out on top with a Super Bowl win... as long as he signs away his soul! Maybe he was hit in the head one too many times, but the quarterback agrees!

The Big Game starts and the quarterback takes over right away, throwing brilliant passes and even rushing for first downs. He is performing on an MVP-level status and building up a big lead. His teammates say how proud they are of him and marvel at how great he must feel. The quarterback wants to feel great, but knows that he is only doing so well because he is cheating. This is not the way he wants to go out. He renounces his deal with the Devil and begins throwing interceptions, allowing the other team to come back. This really pisses off the Devil... so all Hell breaks loose!

The Devil begins possessing players on the opposing team, causing them to go after the quarterback with bloodthirsty rage. Players heads and limbs end up getting ripped off. This sends the crowd into a panic. Still not satisfied, the Devil allows the shit to truly hit the fan and summons demons that come bursting up through the field. Spectators, players, coaches, and reporters all stampede out of the stadium. Only a collection of souls remain on the field including the quarterback, his center, and a cheerleader, and they all must fight for survival in the Super Bowels of Hell!

WHY IT COULD WORK: The Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event each and every year. Everything about it just symbolizes a fun, party-like atmosphere. Throw in the Devil causing all kinds of crazy havoc on the field and I'd say that makes for a pretty damn fun viewing exercise! The last half once the demons take over can really be one wild ride.

CHARACTERS: The main character is the quarterback. He's the flawed hero that you end up really rooting for. We will also have his center and the cheerleader. Then you can throw in a couple of fans and maybe a referee. Lastly, there's the Devil and I say we get Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, to play him.

CONCLUSION: The Super Bowl has never been used in a horror movie, so genre fans are already getting something fresh. It also could appeal to an even wider audience because it is centered around the biggest sporting event of the year. There is so much potential to go from a sort of Hitchcockian beginning to a full-blown splatterfest at the end! Who wouldn't dig that?!

What say you on this subject? Does the Super Bowl deserve its own horror movie? Did you catch how the quarterback character somewhat resembles Peyton Manning's story this year? Tell me what else would work in a fright flick taking place during the Big Game. Draw back your throwing arm and fire them bullets below! And if you have any ideas that you think should be made into horror reality, let me know at [email protected].

Extra Tidbit: Do you have a favorite sports-themed horror?



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