New Bitten images welcome you to the pack

Premiering on January 13th is SyFy's upcoming original scripted werewolf drama "Bitten", and today we've got a bunch of new stills for you folks to take a bite out of. Unfortunately, none of the new images give us a look at the werewolves themselves, but if you want to see just what the show has in store, the promo offers pretty fantastic look at just what you can expect so be sure to check that out. SyFy can certainly be hit or miss as far as their original shows go, but so far it looks like they might be onto something with "Bitten". And if anything, it should be worth checking out just to see the gorgeous Laura Vandervoort tear people to shreds!

The new Canadian scripted series "Bitten" premieres Monday, January 13, 2014, at 10PM following the season premieres of "Lost Girl" (Season 4; 8PM) and "Being Human" (Season 4; 9PM).

Bitten in an emotionally charged thriller that follows reluctant heroine Elena Michaels, the world’s only female werewolf, who is forced to take on life-threatening responsibilities, in a male dominated world. The werewolves are monitored by The Pack, a powerful, organized werewolf family based in the grand manor of Stonehaven, the place where Elena’s life as a werewolf began. When a dead girl is discovered in the woods outside the town of Bear Valley (the adopted home of The Pack), it’s the genesis of an all-out war against a rogue group of Mutts (non-Pack werewolves) whose aim is to destroy The Pack. Torn between the new life she’s created in Toronto and loyalty to her Pack family, Elena will fight her own battle between the woman, and the wolf within.

"Bitten" also stars Greg Bryk (A History of Violence, "Rookie Blue") as werewolf Pack “Alpha” Jeremy Danvers, Greyston Holt ("Alcatraz," "Durham County") as Elena’s werewolf ex-boyfriend Clayton Danvers, and Paul Greene ("The Client List," "Wicked Wicked Games") as Elena’s current beau, Philip McAdams.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Werewolf flick? And will you be giving "Bitten" a shot?
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