New Life clip features some Re-Animator sh*t

I'm hoping like hell that the new scifi-horror flick LIFE, starring Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal is good. Why? Because it is a big-budget horror sci-fi movie, and I want all of those I can get. Sure it may look like an "Alien rip-off" (not my words, but I don't disagree), but it could end up being something truly interesting.

Take this new clip for instance. It not only features a RE-ANIMATOR reference, but also boasts a gnarly broken hand, and at least 3-4 f-bombs that I caught. Oh, yeah, by the way, this clip is NSFW.

Give the clip a watch yourself below, and get ready for the release of LIFE, which hits March 24.

LIFE synopsis via Wikipedia:

A crew aboard the International Space Station performs a successful capture of a space probe returning from Mars with a sample inside. The crew is tasked with studying the sample, which may be the first proof of extraterrestrial life. However, the study eventually backfires as the organism gains intelligence. Trapped aboard the ISS with the rapidly-growing organism, the crew must find out how to kill it before it manages to escape and decimate Earth.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be checking out LIFE?



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