New TV spots introduce the characters of MTV's Scream: The Series

With the premiere night of MTV's SCREAM: THE TV SERIES, which takes inspiration from the Wes Craven film franchise, just over a week away, the network has started releasing TV spots that introduce viewers to some of the show's characters.

In SCREAM's typically meta style, each character is presented as being a horror stereotype. So far the spots have given us a little insight into the roles of Willa Fitzgerald's Emma, who is the virginal Innocent; John Karna's "comedy relief" Fool Noah; two mysterious Loners in the form of Amadeus Serafini's Kieran and Bex Taylor-Klaus's Audrey, and Tom Maden and Connor Weil as a pair of jerky Jocks, Jake and Will.

I've never seen any of the actors in these spots in anything before, but they seem like a solid bunch. I'm looking forward to seeing how they come off once they're being tormented by the show's new take on Ghostface.

The first episode of SCREAM: THE TV SERIES will air on MTV June 30th.

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