Open Call for Horror shorts!!

Hey, we know that you’re just waiting for an opportunity to break out the Karo syrup and red food dye, suck it up into a turkey baster, and start slicing your friends and family members' throats on camera, in the process ruining their fine clothing and dignity in the name of your sicko horror short. Even more likely, you’ve already done such a thing.

If you’ve got $15 and a frightening peek into your disturbed psyche that runs around 20 minutes long and is on VHS or DVD (must be NTSC), VersusMedia and Dread Central are hosting an open call for horror shorts, in the search to find the very best bloodshed you can offer.

The two have issued a joint press release today. Read on:

VersusMedia, along with DreadCentral.com, announced today an open call to all independent horror filmmakers in a search for THE best independent short horror films. Indie horror filmmakers are encouraged to submit their short horror films for review by both companies from now until August 31, 2007.

For a simple entry fee of $15, film submissions will be reviewed for the chance to be one of the select few to have a screening at the Eerie Horror Film Festival. In addition, top selections will be awarded the opportunity to be in the upcoming VersusMedia Viewers' Choice DVD release. The DVD will be available for purchase online as well as at various festivals and locations.

Independent filmmakers should submit short films up to around 20 minutes in length. Mailed submissions must be either NTSC DVD or VHS. Officials will also accept high quality digital formats including Divx or other high quality codecs. Films that become finalists in the competition will be available online for viewing during the voting process. Credit for each submission will be given, including filmmakers' names and production information.

This is a unique chance for fledgling filmmakers in the short horror film genre to submit their best works for recognition, including having their submissions voted on by select "celebrity" judges in order to proceed to the finals. Finalists will then be voted on by horror fans around the world for the best independent short horror film.

For a complete list of terms, rules, and all other info, visit Versus Media.com.

You have until August 31 to enter (as we’ll all be seeing HALLOWEEN that weekend). Now go out there, hack off some limbs, get your adolescent sibling to play a creepy ghost child, tie your girlfriend up to Mom's dinner table, or whatever the hell else you got in mind, and make us proud!!



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