Prisoners writer takes over the pen for Friday the 13th

They say no news is good news, and it seems that they're right. When it comes to the FRIDAY THE 13TH remake/sequel/requel(?), every piece of news just means more and more delays. It's like a nightmare hallway that keeps on stretching eternally before we can reach the door.

Today, it was announced that the script, which was previously being written by Nick Antosca, is now in negotiations to be penned by PRISONERS screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski. So that means the movie is delayed the length of another entire script at this point. That is, until they replace him with someone else. Maybe the dude who wrote JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS? Or some third grader who will have grown up and entered the workforce by the time this movie actually enters production.

I'm just saying, don't get too attached. But Guzikowski isn't a bad choice. PRISONERS was very well-received, and he's been tapped to write the reboot of THE WOLF MAN, so he's already a bit embroiled in the genre.

Directed by V/H/S's David Bruckner (for the time being), FRIDAY THE 13TH is hitting theaters on January 13, 2017 (for the time being).

Aaron Guzikowski
Extra Tidbit: Do you have any hope you'll be seeing this movie in your lifetime?
Source: Variety



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