Roselyn Sanchez producing supernatural musical Forte for Fox

Roselyn Sanchez Rush Hour 2

Actress/singer Roselyn Sánchez, whose credits include RUSH HOUR 2 (pictured above) and the television series Devious Maids, is teaming with Fox to executive produce a new show called Forte, "a supernatural drama with a Latin musical twist".

Forte is based on the Colombian series Cumbia Ninja (a much cooler title), which first aired in 2013 and lasted for a total of 45 episodes over three seasons. This new version of the story will be set in 

Miami, where magical beings have lived secretly among humans for decades. Two rival nightclubs will set the stage to explore American society through tales of unrequited love, the perils of greed, and the power of música. 

Sánchez's fellow executive producers on Forte are Eric Winter, Ben Silverman and Sean Canino of Propagate Content, and writer Justin Lo.

My interest in this series will have less to do with the Latin musical element than it will with the nature of the supernatural / magical beings involved in the story. I'm not sure exactly what went on in Cumbia Ninja, but it had something to do with the legendary conflict between a dragon and a jaguar. We'll have to wait and see what sort of genre territory Forte will venture into.

Extra Tidbit: Are you familiar with Cumbia Ninja?
Source: Variety



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