Scream Factory announces that werewolf faves Dog Soldiers and Ginger Snaps coming in 2014

We just can't stress it enough: Scream Factory is awesome!

Over the weekend those crazy cats over at Scream Factory dropped the news that they had just signed the deals to bring us Collectors Editions of John Fawcett's GINGER SNAPS and Neil Marshall's DOG SOLDIERS to their already stellar line-up. Now that's some news worth howling about!

No other details have been provided but I'm certain we can expect bonus features-packed special editions from Scream Factory. I would expect nothing less from the company who have been delivering some of the best collectors editions ever released on DVD/Blu-ray.

In GINGER SNAPS, which was released in 2000....

...two death-obsessed sisters, outcasts in their suburban neighborhood, must deal with the tragic consequences when one of them is bitten by a deadly werewolf.

Meanwhile, Marshall's DOG SOLDIERS, which hit in 2002, concerned...

....a military exercise that went awry when a pack of werewolves get involved.

We can expect both films to hit the shelves in the Summer of 2014. We'll keep you posted on news regarding the street date, extra features and other goodies as we hear 'em!

Extra Tidbit: Which one of these releases are you most excited for?



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