Scream Queens will reign another year with a second season

I've got good news and bad news. And they're both the news that Scream Queens has been renewed for a second season. The notoriously uneven horror-comedy kind of petered out at the end of its first season, but with a fresh new location, this time a hospital à la HALLOWEEN II, the show might have an opportunity to get back on its feet.

Unfortunately, the proposed anthology might be taking the loose AMERICAN HORROR STORY approach to its characters. Says Fox co-chairman and CEO Dana Walden:

Ryan intends to bring some of the actors from the first installment back. I believe they will be the same characters. We’ve just started having very preliminary conversations so not 100 percent sure exactly what their plans are, but the initial conversations were very much to return some of the characters.

Considering that the show left its "main" character Chanel Oberlin (played by Emma Roberts) in an exceedingly strange place, it wouldn't be too awful to follow her again. Plus, I personally wouldn't mind revisiting Glenn Powell's Chad Radwell or Niecy Nash's Denise Hemfield.

However, we could do away with pretty much every other character in the series. Obviously, it would be a miracle if Jamie Lee Curtis returns for a second season, but wouldn't it be nice to see her get a chance to show off her underused skills in a different character? There is no official casting announcement yet, but rest assured that we'll keep you updated as soon as the Ryan Murphy Twitter News Drip cranks up again.

Extra Tidbit: What characters would you like to see return in Scream Queens?



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