Shannen Doherty and Tom Green experience horror in the Bethany trailer

Bethany Stefanie Estes James Cullen Bressack

Uncork'd Entertainment has announced that they will be giving an April 7th theatrical and VOD release to BETHANY, the latest movie from prolific genre filmmaker James Cullen Bressack.

Stefanie Estes stars in the film as 

Claire, who moves back to her childhood home only to be haunted by her imaginary friend from when she was a child.

Zack Ward plays Claire's husband and also wrote the screenplay with Bressack. Shannen Doherty plays Claire's late mother, and as her psychiatrist Bressack cast an actor you might be surprised to see in a movie like this: Tom Green.

Green assures viewers that he is not in FREDDY GOT FINGERED mode in BETHANY. "I've obviously done a lot of outrageous characters and ridiculous things in my TV show, and this is a more serious role." I've always liked Green, so I'm very interested in seeing him play a serious role in a horror movie.

Bressack and Ward produced the movie with Kenneth Gust, Ace Underhill, Doherty, Shant Jordan, and Shahen Jordan.

Check out the trailer and the key art below, then watch for BETHANY on April 7th.

Bethany James Cullen Bressack

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