Short film Selfie from Hell is being expanded into a feature

Somehow viral hits have a tendency to pass me by. Even though writer/director Erdal Ceylan's short film SELFIE FROM HELL has racked up nearly 15 million views since being uploaded to YouTube back in August, it had escaped me until IndustryWorks Studios announced that they have acquired the rights to expand the short, which runs for less than 2 minutes, into a feature.

Produced by and starring Meelah Adams, SELFIE FROM HELL 

focuses on a selfie-snapping girl who notices a looming figure that appears behind her in the photos, and is subsequently attacked by what turns out to be a horrifying entity.

Film students based in Germany, Ceylan and Adams created the short as part of Adams' bachelor thesis on the effects of viral videos. Now they're going to be horror filmmakers. I would definitely consider them to be people who are "living the dream".

Check out the short that landed them a feature deal and see what you think of this internet sensation:

Extra Tidbit: How do you think SELFIE FROM HELL will work as a feature?
Source: AnythingHorror



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