Some Trick R Treat 2 details from director Michael Dougherty

Now that you've had some time to come down from your TRICK R TREAT 2 announcement high, it's time to start pondering what can be expected from the much anticipated sequel. While it's a sure bet the film is still in the very early planning stages, writer-director Michael Dougherty has served up a few morsels about what he is cooking up.

During an interview with MTV, Dougherty let slip that witches will be part of the storyline: "A year ago, I was telling a friend of mine, 'Witches will be the next one.' They're almost sort of a natural fit after werewolves, zombies and vampires."

Wisely, Dougherty knows that it's not the monster that counts, but the story: "To me, it's less about the kind of monsters ... [they] are less important than what kinds of stories we're telling."

And what would a TRICK R TREAT movie be without Sam, the creepy/cute Halloween spirit that haunts the first film. It seems as though his backstory will be explored - but just a little: "It was always the plan to have him be the common link between all of the stories and all of the films... The last thing you want to do is give too much away about your horror mascot otherwise it won't be very scary."

Finally, it appears as though TRICK R TREAT 2 may not be the last word as far as the title goes: "I would love to maybe do a trilogy, and then take a break and see how we evolve from there."

Dougherty plans to lock himself away for a while and write the film, so it may be quite a while before we get any more news regarding it. It would be wishful thinking to hope it'll be ready for Fall 2014, but perhaps an October 2015 release is not out of the question. Stay tuned.

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