Stare into the gaze of Simon Killer's cool 70s retro poster

Good to see this one pop back up...

Way the hell back in January, we let you know IFC had picked up rights to SIMON KILLER, an intimate portrait of a young man's maddening descent that became a Sundance hit in early 2012. Well, the flick is finally, repeat, finally poised for an April 2013 release, and thanks to Movieline, we have a pretty arresting retro poster for the flick below. Stare into its gaze at once!

Written and directed by Antonio Campos:

SIMON KILLER stars Brady Corbet ("Funny Games") as Simon, a recent college graduate who goes to Paris after breaking up with his girlfriend. While there, he falls in love with a mysterious young prostitute, though it is Simon who has deeper secrets.

Doesn't sound too harsh, but remember, this is from the same team behind MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE. SIMON KILLER definitely looks to continue the examination of fractured psyches found in the protagonist. Couple this with our man C.Bum's good word of mouth back in January, could be a winner all around.

Extra Tidbit: SIMON KILLER screened at the AFI Fest Monday and once more today.
Source: Movieline



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