Stephen King's IT: Check out Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard as Richie Tozier

I told you it is my goal to keep you all up to date on ALL news surrounding the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's classic masterpiece IT. And I intend to keep that promise. Even if it means posting pics of gawky STRANGER THINGS child-actors standing in a field next to some other gawky kid with a bloody hand-- oh, my God! This is from the "blood oath" scene! Holy sh*t! Guys, guys, guys, this is from the blood oath scene!

For those who might not know (read the damn gosh-darn fuc*ing book already, you'll thank me) the blood oath scene takes place... um... maybe I shouldn't say too, too much here... but anyhow, no spoilers, the blood oath scene is where the (surviving) children make the pact to return to Derry and fight It, if and when, It returns. Which, of course, It does. Like how.

While it is no surprise the blood oath scene made its way into the new flick, it was still by no means a given. After all, it isn't (completely) in the 1990 Tommy Wallace-directed mini-series. In the mini-series all they do is stand around like tears in the rain, holding hands, and trying not to cry. Let's see a little blood, guys! Grab that broken Coke bottle and let's get to it! I'm kidding. I love the 1990's version. Camp and all.

Anyway, take a look at the STRANGER THINGS kid, Finn Wolfhard (that's a badass name, kid) as "funnyman" Richie Tozier!

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I'm not totally sure who this 'barbarmus' person is who posted this pic, (durp, she's Barbara Muschietti, the film's producer, durp) but the (attractive) blonde woman seems to have quite the litter of behind-the-scenes IT pics. Looks like I know how I'm spending my lunch break.

You can check them all out as well right HERE.

Richie Tozier was played by Seth Green in the 1990 version.

Extra Tidbit: I own an original hardcover of IT. It is a prized possession.
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