Steven C. Miller to direct Brenton Thwaites and zombies in Office Uprising

Director Steven C. Miller broke into the film industry with AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION, an independent zombie film that was shot extremely quickly on standard definition digital video and a very low budget, but landed distribution from Dimension. An indie filmmaker's dream come true. Miller has been knocking movies out like a maniac since then, his films including THE AGGRESSION SCALE, UNDER THE BED, the SILENT NIGHT remake, and the recently released thriller SUBMERGED.

With his next film, Miller will be going back to where he started, the zombie sub-genre. He has signed on to direct OFFICE UPRISING, which is set to star Brenton Thwaites, an actor who genre fans may recognize from OCULUS and 2014's THE SIGNAL.

Written by Ian Shorr and Peter Gamble, the story 

takes place inside one of the world’s leading arms manufacturers, where the board of directors drugs its employees to make them work more efficiently. Due to a slacker’s error, the employees are given the wrong drug and start turning into homicidal maniacs. It’s up to the slacker to rescue himself and his friends from the zombie plague that has been unleashed inside the company compound.

OFFICE UPRISING is being produced by William Clevinger and Giulia Prenna. Brian O'Shea's The Exchange will be shopping around the international distribution rights at Berlinale and the European Film Market.


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Source: TheWrap



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