Syfy series to show us the Aftermath of the apocalypse

This summer, Syfy will begin airing a show set in a post-apocalyptic world and fittingly titled Aftermath. Created by William Laurin and Glenn Davis, Aftermath's thirteen episode first season will examine this devastated world through the eyes of 

Karen and Joshua Copeland and their children Dana, Brianna and Matt, who must battle for survival after civilization comes to an apocalyptic end, triggered by massive storms, meteor strikes, earthquakes and plague – and the rise of supernatural creatures.

The Copeland children have already been cast, with Levi Meaden (pictured in the thumbnail) as Matt, "the fierce competitor pushed into brutality". Julia Sarah Stone (below) will play the practical, sardonic, and quick-witted Dana, who has a thorough knowledge of science. Taylor Hickson (above) is Brianna, Dana's emotional, romantic, and rebellious twin sister.

Episodes of Aftermath will be directed by Jason Stone, Leslie Hope, Stefan Pleszczinski, April Mullen, James Marshall, and Kaare Andrews. Production will commence on May 2nd in Vancouver.

Aftermath sounds like it could be an interesting show,  I'm curious to find out what sort of "supernatural creatures" will be featured.

Extra Tidbit: Does Aftermath sound like something you would watch?
Source: Deadline



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