The F*cking Black Sheep - Hideaway, The Lawnmower Man & Virtuosity

Having recently made honorable cases for the DEATH WISH sequels, DEEP RISING, and CARNOSAUR, our champion of under-appreciated sequels Lance Vlcek is here to make a case for director Brett Leonard's HIDEAWAY, THE LAWNMOWER MAN, and VIRTUOSITY.

Were's Leonard's THE DEAD PIT? Oh, well.

The films have all gathered more than their fair share of haters over the years, but Lance has a different perspective. Does he illustrate some good points and give Brett Leonard's HIDEAWAY, THE LAWNMOWER MAN, and VIRTUOSITY new leases on life? We'll leave that for you to find out!

HIDEAWAY synopsis:

Hatch Harrison (Jeff Goldblum), his wife, Lindsey (Christine Lahti), and their daughter, Regina (Alicia Silverstone), are enjoying a pleasant drive when a car crash leaves wife and daughter unharmed but kills Hatch. However, an ingenious doctor, Jonas Nyebern (Alfred Molina), manages to revive Hatch after two lifeless hours. But Hatch does not come back unchanged. He begins to suffer horrible visions of murder -- only to find out the visions are the sights of a serial killer (Jeremy Sisto).


The eccentric Dr. Lawrence Angelo (Pierce Brosnan) puts mentally disabled landscaper Jobe Smith (Jeff Fahey) on a regimen of experimental pills and computer-simulated training sequences in hopes of augmenting the man's intelligence. In time Jobe becomes noticeably brighter and also begins to fare much better with the opposite sex. But, as he develops psychic powers, he realizes that those around him have taken advantage of his simplicity his whole life, and he plots a bloody revenge.

VIRTUOSITY synopsis:

A former cop who has been imprisoned for murdering the psychopath who killed his family, Parker Barnes (Denzel Washington) is recruited to test out a new virtual-reality program where the goal is to apprehend a computer-generated being called SID 6.7 (Russell Crowe), who has been modeled on hundreds of deranged criminals. When SID manages to escape into the real world, Barnes must capture or destroy him before the soulless entity can go on a killing spree.

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Extra Tidbit: I love VIRTUOSITY.
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