The Lost Boys TV series has been delayed until next season

Turns out the CW will not be hitting us with THE LOST BOYS after all. At least not this development season... With little room on its schedule, the network has opted to roll the new take on the material to next season. So that buys us some time.

The new take on the 1987 classic, from executive producer Rob Thomas (iZombie), is said to reimagine the movie with each new season covering a whole new decade. The first season will be set in San Francisco during the 60's, while the other planned seasons (seven in all, covering 70 years) will see the story, along with every other element change, keeping only The Lost Boys the same. Rob Thomas is said to remain on board THE LOST BOYS, writing the script and executive producing. 

Here is what a CW exec had to say:

"When we went back and looked at what worked at the old UPN and WB, genre shows worked. High-concept, serialized shows worked. Embrace what you are. We were not going to be a procedural network; we weren't going to survive. At the same time, in embracing it, make sure you broaden out your audience because we're not going to survive as a niche, perceived teenage, female-based audience."

"Perceived teenage, female-based audience." Huh. Call me out of the loop, but I totally thought that's what the CW was all about. I guess they do have THE FLASH and ARROW. And they did broadcast SUPERNATURAL too, right? Anyway, reading through THR article was interesting, but this little bit struck me as very interesting:

Reboots continue to remain in high demand as broadcast, cable and streaming outlets look for proven IP in a competitive scripted landscape of more than 450 originals.

Oh, good. Well, I guess we've seen some pretty good reboots/reimaginings come our way through the tube in the last few years, so why not be optimistic about THE LOST BOYS as well? Hell, it sits much better with me than when CW was talking about doing a FRIDAY THE 13TH series. Dodged a bullet there me thinks.

By the way, the article also mentioned CHARMED was being moved to next season's development slate as well. If any of you care about that. But I don't see why you would...

... oh, right. Nevermind.
Extra Tidbit: "You look like the sax player from The Lost Boys..." - Kenny Powers
Source: THR



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