The new Friday the 13th movie will take us back in time

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The new FRIDAY THE 13TH has been through as many lives and deaths as Jason Voorhees himself, recently dropping director David Bruckner and writer Nick Antosca, replacing the latter with PRISONERS scribe Aaron Guzikowski.

Since then, all has been quiet, but a WonderCon interview with TooFab saw producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form dropping a couple hints that we might be getting some good news sooner than expected.

When asked if the script was going to continue Antosca's original intent of setting the flick as a "coming-of age" film in the 1980's, Form said  “There is truth that this is period,” with Fuller adding, “And NOT found-footage.”

They didn't necessarily confirm that the film would be set in the 80's, but at least we know we're rewinding the clock, avoiding the 2009 continuity from the remake. At this point the continuity is so screwed up that Jason could strike in pretty much any decade, though I personally think we could certainly do with some more 90's Jason. All we heard from him in that era was the dubious JASON GOES TO HELL.

Says Form:

We’re so lucky to have Aaron Guzikowski writing, who is a fan of the franchise. He’s come up with an amazing story and we can’t wait to make this one.

He also teased, “I can tell you I believe there will be a set visit for everybody soon.” Could that possibly mean that they're far enough in pre-production to set that up? No new director has been announced yet, so either they're keeping something under wraps or they're flying by the seat of their pants on this one.

More details as this story breaks!

Extra Tidbit: What period would you like to see Jason attack?
Source: TooFab



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