The Shining meets Alien in Brendan Deneen's The Chrysalis

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Author Brendan Deneen's horror novel THE CHRYSALIS won't be published until September, but Wes Ball's Oddball Productions and the Gotham Group are already working together on a cinematic adaptation of the story.

Described as "THE SHINING meets ALIEN", the book is about 

a twentysomething couple who are forced out of New York City and buy an old house in the suburbs, where the husband gets a big-bucks corporate job and the pregnant wife opens a small gym catering to moms-to-be. They make friends despite their worries about becoming boring suburbanites. But they also discover something growing in the basement, which begins to slowly destroy their lives.

They had me hooked as soon as they said "THE SHINING meets ALIEN", but my interest holds up after reading the synopsis. I want to know what's growing in this couple's basement.

Ball and Gotham's Ellen Goldsmith-Vein previously worked together on the MAZE RUNNER trilogy. Ball directed all three of those movies, but it hasn't been decided yet whether or not he'll be directing THE CHRYSALIS as well.

We'll keep you updated as the adaptation continues to develop.

Extra Tidbit: How does THE CHRYSALIS sound to you?
Source: Variety



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