The Watcher in the Woods remake hits DVD this September

I'm not sure if you are aware of this interesting fact or not, but SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH herself Melissa Joan Hart directed a new adaptation of Florence Engel Randall's novel THE WATCHER IN THE WOODS for the Lifetime channel starring Anjelica Huston (THE ADDAMS FAMILY). 

The remake of the 1980 Disney kid-horror movie premiered on the Lifetime channel back in October of last year, and if you're as (strangely) interested in checking it out as I am then you'll be glad to hear the film will be making it's way to DVD via Lionsgate this September.

Executive produced and directed by Melissa Joan Hart, the reimagining of the ’80s cult classic tells the tale of 

Jan Carstairs and her family who rent a manor in the idyllic British countryside, the owner, Mrs. Aylwood, notices that Jan bears a striking resemblance to her daughter, Karen, who disappeared over twenty years ago. Mrs. Aylwood warns Jan to stay out of the surrounding woods, and when strange occurrences unnerve the family, Jan suspects they are linked to what happened to Karen. As Jan begins to unravel the truth, she and her little sister, Ellie, may not be able to escape The Watcher in the Woods.

Along with Huston, who plays Mrs. Aylwood the cast of this made-for-TV movie includes Tallulah Evans as Jan Carstairs, Nicholas Galitzine as Mark Fleming, Dixie Egerickx as Ellie Carstairs, Rufus Wright as Paul Carstairs, Melanie Gutteridge as Kate Carstairs, and Benedict Taylor as John Keller.

You can check out the movie's trailer below along with the DVD cover art and then make sure to mark your calendars as Melissa Joan Hart's remake of THE WATCHER IN THE WOODS starring Anjelica Huston hits DVD via Lionsgate September 11th.

Extra Tidbit: Have you seen the original film or read the book?



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