The Witch director Robert Eggers to helm Rasputin TV series

Rasputin is a historical figure that has loomed large in cult mythology. A mystic and advisor to the imperial Romanov family in Russia, he was assassinated when his influence grew too large. However, he survived being shot, strangled, and shot again until he was finally drowned in an icy river. He's basically the Bruce Campbell of history.

This story has fascinated many, especially in the horror genre, but it's about to get a much wider audience thanks to THE WITCH director Robert Eggers. Eggers, along with co-producers Jay Van Hoy & Lars Knudsen, is preparing a TV series about the mad monk. He is set to write and direct six to eight episodes for Media Rights Capital.

I'm a huge proponent of the TV miniseries, and this topic is especially intriguing. Rasputin is a well-known figure, but the entire span of his fascinating life hasn't yet become public knowledge. Hopefully that will change soon, in the atmospheric and chilling style that only Eggers can pull off.

The series will cover:

Rasputin’s origins in Siberia to his rise to power and bloody death in St. Petersburg. 

Eggers is also currently working on the NOSFERATU remake with Van Hoy and Knudsen. It just goes to show, if you can hook up a masterpiece like THE WITCH as your feature debut, you'll go places.

Extra Tidbit: What historical figure would you want to see a miniseries about?
Source: Deadline



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