Four clips from futuristic thriller Kite starring Samuel L. Jackson!

Just yesterday we brought you the first trailer for the futuristic revenge thriller KITE, starring Samuel L. Jackson and India Eisley. Today we're serving up some additional looks at the Ralph Ziman film in the form of four fresh clips. I can't say I'm really "into" the atmosphere of this flick, but we'll wait and see how the final product turns out.

Based on the comic by Yasuomi Umetsu, KITE takes place in a

...a grim dystopia in which a crooked security force profits from the sexual trafficking of vulnerable young women. When one young woman’s (India Eisley) policeman father is killed by the regime, she sets out to find his killer, with a little help along the way from his former partner (Samuel L. Jackson).

KITE will come out at some point this year, although an exact release date has not been set.

"Knife Fight" Clip

"Witness" Clip

"Elevator" Clip

"Forgetting the Past" Clip

Extra Tidbit: If India Eisley looks familiar, you might have seen her in UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING as Selene's daughter.



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