Title, details, & release date for Joel Edgerton's Blumhouse film revealed

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We've known for a while that Joel Edgerton was working on an untitled project that was being produced by Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions, but plot details were as mysterious as the films title. Now we've learned a bit more about this secretive project, including when you can expect to see it as well as the title. Read on!

We've learned that the Untitled Joel Edgerton Project has been given the title THE GIFT, and the film stars Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall, and Edgerton himself. This psychological thriller that marks the feature directorial debut of acclaimed actor and writer Joel Edgerton and concerns...

Can you really go through life having never wronged anyone?  Even if you are unaware of how, or when, and even who you may have wronged...chances are there is someone out there who won’t ever forget it…or you.

Simon (Jason Bateman) and Robyn (Rebecca Hall) are a young married couple whose life is going just as planned until a chance encounter with an acquaintance from Simon’s high school sends their world into a harrowing tailspin.  Simon doesn’t recognize Gordo (Joel Edgerton) at first, but after a seemingly coincidental series of encounters proves troubling, a horrifying secret from their past is uncovered after nearly 20 years.   As Robyn learns the unsettling truth about what happened between Simon and Gordo, she starts to question: how well do we really know the people closest to us, and are past bygones ever really bygones?

We've also learned that THE GIFT is set for a July 31, 2015 release, so I expect we'll be seeing a trailer for this one soon enough.

More on THE GIFT as we hear it.

Extra Tidbit: Does THE GIFT sound like an intriguing project to you?
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