TNT's Let the Right One In pilot has found its vampire

Let the Right One In TNT Kristine Froseth

TNT's Let the Right One In pilot is still a thing, and they've found their lead vampire! As Eli, the ageless young woman who moves in across from a school outcast, they've cast Kristine Froseth, a 19-year-old actress who will be appearing in the upcoming J.D. Salinger biopic REBEL IN THE RYE.

So far, she's an unknown quantity, although she seems a little older than the role requires. The leads in the original LET THE RIGHT ONE IN are about middle school age, so I'm curious to see if Froseth will be playing younger or if they're messing with the ages of the leads for their show (maybe they just needed someone over 18 so they would be able to pull off more night shoots). We'll see, if the show ever gets picked up.

Let the Right One In is an eerie drama about a young boy named Henry, long tormented by his classmates, who finds solace in a friendship with a charismatic female vampire named Eli who appears to be near his age. The vampire settles into the boy’s small Vermont town with her mysterious caretaker, just as a series of bizarre murders begins attracting the attention of law enforcement.

The Let the Right One In pilot was written by Jeff Davis (Teen Wolf, Criminal Minds). Davis will executive produce with Marty Adelstein (Teen Wolf), Becky Clements (Aquarius), and Simon Oakes (LET ME IN). The pilot is being produced by Tomorrow Studios in association with Turner’s Studio T.

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